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13/05/2011 10:09:43
Re: How to culculate the working Hour

May I know if the travelling hour consist as the working hour.

For example, if I need to duty outstation in Kedah, and the traveling hour from KL to Kedah approximated 5 1/2 hours. As my duty in Kedah was just 2 hours, and travelling time back to KL may take another 5 1/2 hours. In such, the total times will be 13hours.

As stated in my employee handbook, an employee whose salary exceeds RM1500 per month shall not be entitled to overtime claim. However, an allowance / honorarium may be considered and granted on a case by case basic as below:

a) Monday-Friday: RM25, for minimun 3 hours or RM35, for minimun 5 hours

b) Saturday-Sunday: RM50, for minimum 4 hours
(plus extra honorarium of RM5 / every hours)

c) Public Holiday: RM60, for minimun 4 hours
(plus extra honorarium of RM5 / every hours)

My question is, the claims rejected by the HR, claimed that my working hours is only 2 hours, and the travelling hour is not culculated.

I am very puzzled. It is the way of culculation? Please advise. Thank you.
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14/05/2011 09:50:26
For out station, the travelling time not count as working hour. So you are not entitled to OT. But for out station, normally they got travelling allowance (not the claim expenses). The travelling allowance is your extra benefit the company give you for long distance travel.
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Jenny Tan SF
14/12/2011 21:25:11
Can an employer not give contractual bonus as promised even thought it states the employer reserves the right to amend and revise the contract from time to time?
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