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13/05/2011 09:51:00
Re: Poor Performance Of Branch Manager

My branch manager is either absence from work or not punctual to work (comes at 10:00am and leave at 11:15am / comes at 2:30pm and leave at 4:00pm). Official working hours are 08:00-17:00.

He has joined for 5 years. Continues to give problem to the co-workers.

The co-workers have spoken to him and he replied as below:-
1) He deserves it as he is the boss.
2) Although he comes to office, he has nothing to do.
3) Every day, he comes to office just to surf internet only.

The Senior Management or HR does not know about this. Is there any way that the co-workers can trigger the Senior Management? There is an issue with this organization. The Senior Management does not communicate with the lower ranking staffs.
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14/05/2011 09:38:06
It is depend you want make thing worst or "close 1 eye".

If the branch manager come or not come also won't interrupt the business daily operation, then just ignore it.

If you want make thing worst, here is something you can do:-

Since your HR department won't communicate with lower staff. Try to email them. Every HR got it own email for recruitment or other work.

After email them or you can't email them, try to find few co-worker and go to the HR department. Direct face to face stated the matter.

If your HR department refuse to see you all, then go to your boss or someone higher position (your branch manager head).

The worst scenario may lead to termination of your branch manager. If he still survive then the die 1 may be you since he is your head. So don't do thing by your own, find more people. More people = more secure you are.
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