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11/05/2011 14:06:22
Re: Working for 2 days

hi, if i just start working 2 or 3 days after that i stop working.So i will get salary or not? I can ask my 2 or 3 days salary from company?
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11/05/2011 14:25:45
You need to give notice before you resign, so you need to based on your offer letter see the notice period how long.

If you don't want wait for the resign period then you need to pay back the company money based on the resign period.

Notice period 1 month but you want resign without giving notice to the company. The company had the right to ask you for 1 month salary for that matter.
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11/05/2011 14:31:04
If still in probation time can resign within 24 hours right?
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11/05/2011 15:45:07
Refer to your offer letter, different company different resignation notice period.
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18/05/2011 16:33:49
Hi, my company have 1 new staff, just work 1 day on 16/05/11, then 17/05/11 is wesak day (holiday) company closed, on wednesday she take MC, is she entitled to enjoy to claim the medical expenses & sick leave with pay?
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