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11/05/2011 09:29:06
Re: didn turn up


A staff didn't turn up to work and just sms the hr department (EL/MC/appointment). He didn't respond to our call or sms at all. He email us his resignation letter and want us release him early yesterday. He still didn turn up despite we sms him to present himself to settle the above. What can we do now ?
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11/05/2011 14:29:22
If he/she doesn't report to work 2 days or more, then the company will consider him/her auto terminate.

You need to refer back his/her offer letter, see the resign notice period how long. If 1 month then request the employee to pay 1 month in lieu for resignation without notice.

If he/she still got some salary remain for that month, you can deduct it and find out the amount he/she own the company or the company own him/her.
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Mdm Tang
23/05/2011 15:49:03
My staff didnt turn up 3 days, she only call us saying she not feeling well. But when we ask is there any MC, she said she has forgotten to ask for a MC. Can we have enough reasons to terminate her. Cos she already has given 2 warning letter on poor performance.

Is the company need to give 3 warning letter, then only we can terminate a staff?
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