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10/05/2011 18:23:42
Re: Pls reply

I had post a topic but no people reply.

I got a staff got a "sijil cuti sakit" for 30 days from 22/03/2011 to 25/04/2011. The staff got heart attack problem. At 26/04/2011 to 27/04/2011 he got another MC.

He had been wad for 3 days 22/03/2011 to 24/03/2011.

Question 1
He only hospitalize for 3 days so i count it,
3 days hospitalization leave and 14 days medical leave and 13 Annual Leave / Unpaid leave (Total 30 days) + 2 days Annual leave/Unpaid leave for the 26 & 27 MC


30 days hospitalization leave + 2 days Annual leave /Unpaid


32 days hospitalization leave

Question 2
How to we calculate his salary for april and march?

Add info, the staff got come work at 02/04/2011 to 04/04/2011.
After that MC again.
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KL Siew
11/05/2011 14:13:12
I think you don't have to trouble yourself with tpo many questions. Just read and follow the law, you will be alright. Read up Section 60F of the EA in details and go accordingly.
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