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10/05/2011 15:22:03
Re: probation period

Can an employer tell the staff that he will not be employed by the company when his probation period ends? Is it necessary to show efforts have been taken by the employer during the probation period to help the staff adjust to his work? Is it a must to extend the probation period?
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10/05/2011 16:37:14
Simple to say, probation period is like a free trial.

It is compulsory for an employer to guide new employee to adjust to their work. Even you install software also need to choose location to install.

If the trial period end, you feel the employee not suit to the job, you can giving a notice of termination to the employee. Like uninstall a software but u need to wait the uninstall.

If you feel maybe the employee can adjust to the position but he/she need more time. Then you can extend the probation period (optional). You can apply for another free trial.

But remember, after the free trial if you don't want it. It may cause some bad image to the user whereby the employee may say bad thing about the company.

I hope by using Pc as example, u can understand clearly.
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12/05/2011 17:39:51
just to add to the question, i have been employed for almost 9 month now and without any letter of confirmation and no letter of extended probabtion period, what should i do? it seem my boss is ingoring the question, any advise?
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14/05/2011 10:01:58
This you need to discuss with your HR department or your Boss. As long they no issues confirmation letter, you are still a probationer.

But if your boss got increase your salary and also give you the benefit same with those confirm employee then just ignore the confirmation letter, it is better for you because resign more fast since you not confirm staff.
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15/05/2011 23:19:54
I'm with an account firm for almost one and a half years. I'm given annual leaves and increment. So am I a confirm staff? Problem is I've no letter of appointment nor confirmation from my boss. Is it right for them not to issue to me any of those? Are they able to give me the sack anytime?
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16/05/2011 11:05:35
You can go to your HR department or your boss and ask about it. They got the right not to issue confirmation letter to employee as long they feel their performance not satisfied. Try to ask about it, employee need to fight for their own benefit.
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