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10/05/2011 12:56:36
Re: Working on Saturday

We would like to implement half day (9am - 1pm) work on Saturday. And my staff is asking me if she apply annual leave on Saturday. I should minus 1 day from her annual leave or minus 4 hours (which is half day leave).
Your advise is appreciated as I don't want to go against the labour law.
Thank you.
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10/05/2011 13:19:59
It is consider 1 days AL. Because salary is count per days.

Salary Formula:-
Basic / 26 x working days

The above formula 26 days is include Sat.
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10/05/2011 14:16:08
Noted with thanks.
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18/06/2011 07:13:23

Re: Required to work on Sat & Sun without over-time pay

Hi Pesaraonline,

I would like to request your kind advice in regards to my in-humane working time & condition imposed to me by my current employer. I am presently working as a service engineer and drawing a gross salary of RM 2400 monthly. Most of the time I am required to work from late midnight till early hours in the morning and at times during the day time itself immediately after night work. It is to my understanding that in accordance to the employment act that out basic daily pay is base on a 8 hours duration in which any exceeding hours should be paid an overtime. Presently my employer refuse to pay out the overtime due to me and even demanded that I work on Sat & Sun as well without overtime payment. I can see that they are fully exploiting my rights and taking all the advantage to their gain and benefit by denying mine. Please advice me on how to reinstate my working rights and where can I go to to make a formal complain.

Thanks & regards,

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