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06/05/2011 16:45:00
Re: Employment Letter

Hello Everybody,

I just wanna to ask, normally how long we will get ours employment letter when we start work in a new company???

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07/05/2011 09:35:09
Employment letter?

You mean "offer letter" or "confirmation letter". There is many term on employment letter =.=

For offer letter is when the company say they will hired you. At that time within 7 days should got your offer letter want you to sign it. Normally inside got a probation period.

After you finish the probation period, then you will get your confirmation letter. If don't have, go to your HR department and ask for it. Normally they will prepaid before the last day of probation period.

The date may be various depend on company. But no need to be shy to go to your HR department and ask about it.
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22/05/2011 23:31:26
i start my work on 25th oct 2010 and was told to do full set account during interview. But for my 1st two months, im ordered to do stock reconciliation, after that i was doing account payable for 3 months and at last, starting from april2011, they change me to credit control dept because one of the account dept resigned and all accounts were transferred back to johor HQ. My probation period was 6 months. On 25th of april 2011, i call to HR and ask regarding my confirmation. HR said they already pass the appraisal form to my dept head on the early of april 2011 .Until 20th of may 2011, i only get my letter. But it is an extension of my probation period letter but they put it dated 25th april 2011. I was told that the reason they extend my probation is due to my working attitude and interpersonal skills. As what my dept head told me, he did the appraisal based on current working & based on 5 people feedbacks. 4 of them are from johor HQ who have no relation to my work and only few times we have chat on phone to discuss some issues. i think in six months time only communicate with them for less than 3 times and we dont have any argument also. The another one is my current credit control dept senior. My dept head told me that she complaints me dont want to accept or unwilling to accept the job she passed to me. But in fact, she never pass any job to me and never teach me. I just continue to do my other daily works. Besides, she also complaints me that im challenging her and work against her. Reason is she asked me to do works without following the rules & policy, for sure i will argue on it because it is not a proper way. At last, i also follow on what she has told me to do because im lazy to argue on it. In this case, they are blaming me & my dept never clarify it and directly judge on me. It is unfair to me. What can i do or should i do to prove myself ?
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22/05/2011 23:36:10
During probation period, notice of resignation is 7 days.If i tender my resignation letter and giving 7 days notice, in that period of 7 days, lets say the company want to terminate me in 24 hours, do they need to pay me any compensation? Is there any impact on my future career if they terminate me? Hope to hear from you soon. Good day!
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