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06/05/2011 09:52:15


I have one staff who has very bad attendance. From Jan till May already 5 days annual leave, 8 days MC and 3 days unpaid leave.

Most of the leave taken or MC or unpaid leave taken emergency. Take first and then only inform/apply.

He said his health condition is very bad, high blood pressure - 165/80.
Further check, I found out that he's doing side business. Pluck corns from farm and sell after work till night time. Meaning he's actually tired working and cause high BP (for me the 165/80 is still OK because I have more higher BP)

Can I issue warning letter to him because of his bad attendance even he's taking leave because his entitlement, MC with doctor's recommendation, unpaid leave also with reason.

Thanking you in advance.
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07/05/2011 09:14:00
You can inform a warning letter since he is taking all those leave by"emergency" (without apply early).

If he do it in the proper way, by inform the HR department earlier (follow procedure) then you can't issues the warning letter.

But before issues a warning letter, it is better if you can straight go talk to the employee and warning him verbally 1st (in a good manner). It is not good to the employee if he/she don't have the chance to defend himself. And warning letter will cause the employee lack of spirit to work for the company.
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