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06/05/2011 09:29:34
Re: Hospitalisation & Travelling Allowance


I would like to get your advise. Please advise.

One staff on hospitalisation leave 2 months and Co. pay him full salary. Which is basic + Cola +Travelling Allowance per month. Shall Co just only pay him basic salary without the allowance?

Thank you.

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06/05/2011 10:35:24
Sorry, just my opinion as a worker. I was hospitalized after diagnosed with mid-problem. I really hoped that my company taken care of me during my discomfort. Not just the hospitalization insurance cover but also my monthly salary + allowance + all existing benefits. Luckily I had a great company. I was grateful as I need to use my salary to cover my usual expenses and other unforeseen expenses besides the claimable bills, such as my family visit, meals, transportation, etc.
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07/05/2011 09:05:17
It is depend, if the travel allowance is fixed every month. Then the company need to pay.

If the travel allowance is count by day and no fixed amount. Then the company can refuse to pay it.
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