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05/05/2011 17:40:43
Re: Late salary payment...

I have been working in this company for few months. My collegue and myself having problem to get our salary paid on time. Sometime it dragged for two weeks or more. Last month we received our salary almost month end. That was for March salary. Now, we have yet to receive our salary for month of April. When we ask when we will receive our salary? The answer is next week. After next week, it was dragged to another week and to another week. At my previous company, salary was paid end of the month.

The owner was from West Malaysia. Basically, all the payments come from our HQ which based in Ampang.

Should we lodge a report to Labour Department???

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05/05/2011 17:57:10
If your salary is below RM 1500 or above RM 1500 but is a manual worker, then you are cover with EA.

In EA stated that, all salary must be paid not later than the 7th day after the end of a wage period.

But before you lodge a report, try to discuss with your boss, HR department or even your superior. Maybe there is a way to solve it out.

*Don't make the situation worst when you still want work in the company.
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