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05/05/2011 13:05:41
Re: Is this Memorandum legal in the stand point of Malaysia Labor Law?

We are salesmen for an international company. Just recently we receive e-mail requiring us to apply for new corporate card (existing coporate card is going to be replaced by the new one) and together with the application MUST submit memorandum per following. Our concern is per memorandum they can hold / deduct our salary when ever they "believe" / "think"/ or have "dispute" to our usage or corporate card? We need corporate card in regular basis to perform our task (travel / lodging / customer entertainment / etc). Please advise.

"Travel and Entertainment Card Policy Memorandum of Understanding and Authorization to Withhold

This is to certify that I have received a copy of the xxxxx Global Travel and Entertainment Policy and the Commercial Card Member Agreement for my assigned company credit card and I fully understand the terms and conditions of both.
I understand that my assigned Company credit card is provided by the Company for business purposes and may be used only to purchase appropriate goods and services as provided in the Company’s travel and entertainment policy. I understand that use of the card for personal reasons or for business reasons outside the policy is strictly prohibited and that any such use will be subject to disciplinary action including termination of my employment with xxxxxxx.
By signing this agreement, also I authorize the Company to withhold any monies charged to this card contrary to the Company’s Travel and Entertainment policy from my next available paycheck(s), or in the event of my termination of employment, from my final paycheck(s), including any paychecks for unused vacation pay or severance.

Credit Limit for AP (please select one):
With APTravelers US$ xxxxx
International Travelers US$ xxxxx
Director, VP Level and above US$ xxxxx

_________________________ _________________________
Employee Name / xxxxxNo. Local Department Head Name
Date: ____________________ Date: ____________________

** Please return signed form along with credit card application to Corporate Finance xxxxx
For Finance use only:
CREDIT CARD No: …………………………....................."
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KL Siew
07/05/2011 09:14:02
Sorry, I don't think I can comment on this. Consult your colleagues who have signed such an undertaking and they may advise you about the consequences of such a undertaking. If you are willing to sign it, use that credit card carefully. If the amount of purchase is big, get written approval first before acquiring it.
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