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04/05/2011 16:30:01
Re: help needed : some questions on employees law

Hi there!
I'm a Dutch student helping a Dutch software company setting up in Cyberjaya. I have to find an answer to a few things regardign the staff handbook. Hope someone can help me cos I can't find it on the internet..

I need to know a bit more about:
What benefits for employees are usual in Malaysia regadring:
-pension ( on the internet it says pension is only for officers in civil service?)
-healthcare insurance (does the employer have to arrange this?)
-is it possible for employees to declarate travel costs?
-bonus salary
-emergency leave in case of passing away of relative (I just read here that you need a document to prove this)
-contracts: what kind of contracts does Malaysia have? Half year and permanent contracts?
-probationary period (I found on the internet that probationary period is to be decided by the employer?)

Really hope some one can help me!! Thank you in advance :) :)

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04/05/2011 17:45:54
All your answer can find in you employee hand book or your offer letter.

Simple explanation on all the point
1) Pension - Malaysia got EPF only where employee and employer contribute an amount. When age 55 can take the money.

2) Healthcare insurance - Malaysia got SOCSO where employee and employer contribute an amount. When an employee meet and accident during working time, they can claim SOCSO.

3) Refer to your HR department

4) Bonus - Depend on company profit (mostly give to staff working more than 1 year in the company)

5) Emergency leave document - It is depend situation, some case need to provide some no need. For relative pass away, you no need provide. Only immediate family need to provide for consolidation leave (not all company got this leave).

6) Contract - It is an agreement between both party, so there is no fixed or limitation to it. It is your responsible to fight for your best benefit.

7) Probation period - Employer set it but mostly is 3 month or 6 month (more than that normally people don't want work). In some case, an employee no need go through probation period. Example, the employee buy you over from another company (normally 5 year working experience and above or your performance very good) or you had been working for the company before.
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05/05/2011 17:11:46
Thank you for your reply. This really makes things clear now
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