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04/05/2011 12:22:19
Re: Not answering phones

I was an employee in a large manufacturing factory. Usually during lunch time, all will go off to rest and I would prefer to rest in the office (either laid down to sleep or went off to pantry to eat). However, the phones rang in the middle of my rest time. Many preferred not to answer by ignoring the rings. As for me, I just unplugged/unhung my phone to avoid the ringing sound until the end of the lunch session. This saw by a colleague who hatred me for my position, reported to my manager and HR to trigger an argument and I was given a warning.
I was an executive while the girl was a clerk (operator clerk).
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04/05/2011 12:48:36
You can ignore the phone since it is your rest time, but you don't have the reason to unplug/unhung it. It is not very good to do so.

Your Hr department got the right to give warning letter when they feel the issues need to be correct.

Anyway, 1 warning letter won't cause much problem on you. Just don't repeat it should be alright.

Extra note, don't sleep at office. It will cause another warning letter. Sleeping in office will influence the image of the company. So if want sleep, try to hide in some place where no people can see you
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04/05/2011 13:00:41
Thank you for your advice. Many slept in the office during rest time from time to time. Some even during a 10-min tea breaks. Many did the same (I saw but followed) to the phones. Some even unplugged the connector during working hours to avoid the phones from ringing. Ending up I was the operator in the big department (>30 staff) and the veteran clerk - an 'executive'. Oh well, the misfortune was only a small part of what happened to me. I had quitted eventually following many tricks, threats and red eyes from the clerk, the manager and the HR. My new work offerred me 100% raise of what I had last, i.e. RM2000 of the latter but now RM4000 of the latest. I would like to thank them heartfully.
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