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04/05/2011 11:54:47
Re: Emergency Leave


I would like to clarify with you, taking emergency leave needed any supporting docs? Such as attending friendís funeral, needed Died Certificate, involved accident, needed Police Report.

Pls verify.

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04/05/2011 12:07:29
If you don't have any document, it will consider unpaid leave and also it will influence your KPI (your image in the company)

If you have document, In certain case, it will consider paid leave such as:-
A) Accident where you involve in it.
B) Police cases where u are the witnesses (not you are the suspect)

For funeral, you need to refer back to your employee handbook or your offer letter. Some company provide consolidation leave.

By providing document, your KPI (image) won't get influence.
Just remember, providing extra info won't cause you anything. Do more is always the better.
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04/05/2011 13:52:02
Thanks for your prompt reply & clarification.

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04/05/2011 14:34:00

Sorry again..

Let me make the picture clear... I'm actually taking 1 day EL to attend my friend's funeral... do i really needed to submit that supporting docs? The HR actually should minus my AL only, right?

The management is making an issue... that's why i needed clarification.

Some more, the offer letter or appointment letter that given to me, is just a piece of paper, i dont even see the employee handbook from here...
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04/05/2011 14:53:56
If attend friend funeral, you no need to submit supporting document.

Minus AL or count as unpaid is depend on your HR. Since you no give any early notice to you HR department, they got the right count it as unpaid. If your HR close 1 eye on it, then it will minus your AL.
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