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03/05/2011 21:14:38
Re: off company handphone


We have a new salesman, joined us 15/4/2011. He fail to meet a customer but told the company that he has visited them. Company served him a final warning for this. last week, he sms the company that he got appointment with customers and not come to office. We fail to reach him after he sms the company, he off the handphone. He did the samething the next day despite we sms him to back to office. Already 3 days he did the samething. We also tried to contact his personal hanphone but he didn't bother to reply or answer the call.

What company can do about this ? Can we sms him that if he didn't report tp office by certain date then it consider self terminated ? His sal is more than 4k.

Appreciate your advice
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04/05/2011 09:41:40
Since warning letter already given to the employee and he is missing for work days.
Then you can sms him for termination without giving any notice.
But it is better if company can call to the employee's family or emergency contact person to check out whether the staff really got some problem that cause him can't report to work. If reason acceptable, then just give a chance to that employee.
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03/09/2011 16:12:21
In this situation, I would think SMS is not acceptable. What company should do is issue a termination letter and post it.
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