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03/05/2011 17:22:14
Re: Request for early release instead of 30 days notice

I have a staff who requested for early release after tender his resignation on 8 April 2011 but want to leave on 14 April 2011, thus short notice of 23 days.
He agreed to pay for the in lieu of short notice.

So do we still have to pay for the april salary 14 days then minus epf, socso? and offset with the amount due by employee for the 23 days. Do we still need contribute to epf and socso for the 14 days.

Eg salary RM3000 hwe owe him RM1400 and he owe company RM2300.

Thank you.
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03/05/2011 17:47:00
Some mistake you made:-
15 April - 8 April is 24 days (not 23 days)

The calculation for the staff salary should be:-

Basic / 30 x 14 = April Salary

For the employee part:-

Basic / 30 x 16 = April Salary that need to be paid
Basic / 31 x 8 = May Salary that need to be paid

For the EPF and Soco, you just need to pay until 14th of April.

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