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Christy Tong
03/05/2011 14:18:32
Re: Termination + last salary calculation (latest)


Sorry for the previous mistake posting, please view my latest posting here... Thanks

I was having some question that regarding the last salary calcutaion after i submitted my resignation later.

I was submitted my resignation letter at 25 Feb 2011, as follow my employee contact, i need 2 month notice for resignation, so my last date should be 25 April 2011. BUT after all the annual leave deduction, my HR told me i can leave on 20 April 2011.

Now i just get my april salary pay, my ex-company just paid me 23 working days BUT not 26 working days. After i submitted my resignation letter, between the 2 month notice i didn't take any leave, BUT my HR told me that i only service with company 23 working days. The 3 days from my annual leave that i left they didn't pay me & said i didn't work enough 26 working days.

I wondering how my HR calculate my salary... NOT UNDERSTAND their calculation... PLEASE advice me... Thanks

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03/05/2011 14:52:18
I also don't understand why you and your HR get 26 days and 23 days =.="

1st April to 25 April should be 25 days.

So the calculation should be as follow:-
Basic / 30 days (April) x 25 days (Working days)

And also,

"The 3 days from my annual leave that i left they didn't pay me"
in this statement stated 3 days
"my HR told me i can leave on 20 April 2011"
in this statement if count 25 April to 20 April is 5 days AL

Please go to your HR department and make thing clear.
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Christy Tong
04/05/2011 10:58:52
I already checked with my HR, they didn't explain me the whole calculation & story. They just said this is their CALCULATE SYSTEM. They just follow the SYSTEM.

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04/05/2011 11:07:46
All payroll system is key in by HR manually. By the calculate system he mean is the system your company practice only. It is just some excuse they use.

An employee got the right to know how their salary been calculate. If they insist don't let you know the detail. Tell them you will consult to labour department.

If they still no do anything, then you need to go labour department. lodge a report about company refuse to provide your salary calculation detail and also incorrect method of calculate salary.

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Christy Tong
04/05/2011 14:42:43
My HR said don't use "labour department" to scare them, they knew the labour law more than me, and they told me if want report to labour department "please go ahead".

What a suck HR is this??? i didn't care how much they deducte me, i just want get a understand why they deducte me, thats all only, like this also cannot settle for me in peaceful...
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04/05/2011 15:34:53
Then it is depend on you now.
If you wan money, lodge a report at labour department since the right at your side.
If you want maintain good relation with your employer, then just ignore it.
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