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05/03/2010 13:45:09
Re: Public Holiday

Hi Siew,

Sorry for repeat the question. cause my question is whether they are entitled for the off day OT rate or Public holiday rate.

"Would like to check with you on this. if public holiday fall on shift worker 's 1st off day. what is the rate? whether follow off day OT rate or public holiday rate?"


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KL Siew
05/03/2010 14:17:40
Sorry, I don't seem to be able to understand. There is no OT involved when he is on off day, isn't it? If you were to ask him to work on the 1st off day on which it is also a public holiday, then I think he should get (salary/26) x 2

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Lee M
16/04/2010 15:26:45
If the public holiday falls on Saturday. It is compulary for company to provide replacement leave or holiday?
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01/06/2010 09:41:15
Same as above, if the public holiday falls on Saturday. It is compulsory to replacement leave for staff. We are 5 working days.
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19/02/2011 15:08:11

Re:Public holiday,sick leave & annual leave

may i know staff is entited how many days public holidays ?and if company didnt give sick leave for staff even staff work more than 5 yrs if staff the mc company will deducted salary (unpaid leave) it's right ? so if staff work more than 5 yrs is entited how many days annual leave ? thanks
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