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03/05/2011 09:18:31
Re: max OT hours/month can be performed by a staff

Maximum overtime is 104 hours per month, excluding work on Off Days, Rest Days, and Public Holidays

Does that means 104 hours max per month per employee for nomal OT? What about any max hours per month for Off Day, Rest Day and PH?
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03/05/2011 10:23:17
Section 60A(4)(a)

An employee is permitted to work up to a limit of 104 hours of overtime in any one one month. This excludes overtime work on rest days, or any of the ten chosen gazetted public holidays. (As you understand)

BUT still got this sentence

However, the Director-General of Labour may permit an employer to require the employees to work in excess of 104 hours per month if the employers makes an application to him in writing.

In this case, the maximum schedule of working hours shall be 12 hours a day or 72 hours per week. Section 60A(1A)

Above all is for employee that cover with EA. For foreigner, you need to discuss with the union.
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