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02/05/2011 22:03:32
Re: annual leave for a call centre and no public holiday

my company is a call centre. it is opened 365 days. Every staff is entitled to 26 days annual leave. However there is no public holiday to us. We have to work during public holiday but without double or triple pay or additional annual leave which i heard that other call centre have such benefit.

For example, we didn't entitle to the additional public holiday which announced by our Prime Minister end of last year due to the football match.

By right those public holiday fall on Sunday will have one day replacement holiday on Monday. But we are not given one more day extra annual leave. Besides, we have to work on New Year, Agung's birthday, Labour Day which are usually if working on those public holiday will be given double or triple pay.

What we have is only 26 days annual leave. So i would like to ask whether there is any basic annual leave and public holiday rules to a call centre? does my company fair to us?
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03/05/2011 10:09:51
You are very lucky indeed. Try to change the view of your case:-

If you are cover by EA
AL = 12 days (Count it you work 2 year already)
PH = 11 days
Total = 23

You got extra 3 days. You should appreciate it.

If you are not cover with EA, then it is depend on your offer letter. You need to discuss with your employer for better benefit.
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05/05/2011 18:23:30
What is EA? Employment Act?
We are lucky? But we have to work on public holiday which without additional pay and no replacement of AL.
Please advice
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