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02/05/2011 15:09:58
Re: Need advise

We got an employee who is in the stated of coma (due to accident) in year 2008 until now.
Our company paid his salary according to EA as the following:-
His salary is 2500 manual worker
2500/26 = RM 96.15 x 60 hospital leave and 16 annual leave = RM 7307.69 per year.

Question 1:
Is our calculation correct?

Question 2:
The employee is an orphanage, so the money we should pay to who?

Question 3:
Since until this year 2011, the employee stated is not recovering and we need to find someone to replace his position. What procedure to terminate the employee?

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KL Siew
07/05/2011 09:05:39
In view of his medical condition, there is nothing much you can do about it even if you really wanted to help him out. I don't think it is possible to serve him with a letter of termination since he is in coma and no need to do that in fact.

Sorry, for the late response and I was away for a week.
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