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02/05/2011 13:16:58
Re: MC vs PH vs RD

1st of May is my off days but i'm require to work at that day (finish my payroll).

Unfortunately, I fall sick and got a MC. So myself make myself confuse now.

For the PH, i replace it to other day - settle
For the MC, i used it on Sunday - settle
Then my rest day?

As i know rest day can't be replace.
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04/05/2011 12:46:57
Literally, you were not working on 1/5 (Sunday) - Public Holiday. No salary reduced or further action to be taken. The 1/5 public holiday will be replaced as a replacement leave for everyone.
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04/05/2011 13:17:58
I understand what you mean but the problem is :-

If don't accept the MC and pretend that day is rest day, i can't claim my medical allowance.
So i accept the MC so i can claim the allowance.
MC = paid leave
Working on rest day is x2 rate.
So instead of company pay me 1 extra day salary, i want replace the rest day.
In EA rest day cant be replace. It become a conflict here.

Actually i can just pretend the rest day as AL and add 1 day to my AL but for future reference, just want to know some opinion from other.
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