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29/04/2011 17:54:39

our driver earns RM2000 per month. and he is entitle for OT claim. he's ot hours normally more than question:
1. can we caps the ot calculation to RM1.5k instead of RM2k?
2. do we have to get a permit for letting him work more than ot hours?
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KL Siew
29/04/2011 20:30:17
1. You cannot do that for a driver.
2. Under the EA, the overtime limit per month is 104 hours . If the employer wants to exceed that limit will have to apply to the Labour Department in writing. I suggest you consult the Labour Department for details. Refer to Section 60A(4)(a) of the EA for details of the law.
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02/05/2011 10:25:48
Could anyone explain what and when an employee entitle for triple pay?
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02/05/2011 12:44:10
If you are cover by EA, then it will be as follow:-

Monthly paid employee work on PH
Normal working hour x2 (excluded from basic) = triple
OT x3 = Triple

For piece rate worker
Piece rate x3 = triple

If you are not cover with EA then you need refer back to your offer letter or go to your HR department and ask for further info.
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03/05/2011 15:12:58
Our working period is from Mon - Fri 9-6pm, now we have to work on Saturday and Sunday which my boss pay overtime from 9-5 including 1 hr lunch-break. The overtime hours is including lunch-break or not according to labor law?
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03/05/2011 18:10:32
Since your working days is Mon-Fri 9-6pm, then working on Saturday and Sunday 9-5pm is not consider OT. It is consider working on rest days.

Section 60(3)
For daily, hourly and piece rated employee = double the ordinary rate

For monthly rated employee:-
Half day's wages (calculated on ordinary rate of pay basis) if working for half a day or less.
1 day's wages if working more than half a day but not more than 1 day during normal working hour

*Work on PH different calculation

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16/05/2011 17:18:30
my office working hours from 9am - 5pm (monday - friday) sat is 9am - 1pm.

my boss use to ask me work at mid-night for coordinate site. my questions :

(1) my boss never pay OT for me even i work at Mid-night. (is there have any regulation that they need to pay me OT?)

(2) my boss will request me to stay back after working hours the reason is to learn more things. (is this part of the job i need to stay back after working hours?)

*im covered by EA.

Thank you for answer.
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