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Jess L
28/04/2011 15:38:13
Re: Paid Leave of Contract Staff

Dear Siew,

If the contract staff working hour is from 8:30 am - 12:30pm (1/2 day) instead of Full day as per contract.

Thus, if the company pay his uninitialized leave is consider full day wage or 1/2 days wage?

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28/04/2011 15:52:31
The situation not clearly stated. There is 2 possibility here:

1) The staff self request back early at 12.30pm. If like that, the company got the right reduce their salary.

2) The company request the staff back early at 12.30pm. The company need to pay full day wage to the employee.

But some company also practice replace hour, if that staff back early today, the hour will be replace in the future. (Not recommended company do it because it will make employee dissatisfied)

Conclusion: The contract always stand 1st in normal situation. Exemption can be made by communication between employee and employer.
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