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28/04/2011 11:17:11
Re: Annual Leave entitlement

if an employee who met with a vehicular accident and have been away from work close to one year. Will he be entitled for the usual annual leave ? Please advise
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28/04/2011 11:56:11
I don't understand why he met with an accident still want to know that he entitled "AL" or not instead of the "hospitalization leave" and "claim".

There still entitled AL as long they are cover with EA and still working under the company.

Normal procedure HRD will do is:-
Minus hospital leave 60 days, then minus AL, then only start count unpaid leave.

1) If the employee is on duty or on the way going to work or back work (30min), they can claim socso. The HRD need lodge a report to socso or the employee can lodge report by them self also.

2) The company need to pay the salary of the employee for the 60 days sick leave and AL (AL and HL is renew every year) and no action as termination can be take by the employer.
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28/04/2011 17:51:14
Thanks . If lets say he entitle for 14 days of AL per year ,how do we calculate his AL ? What we can do for his AL leave entitilement? What else of Leave he entitle for ? Please advise
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02/05/2011 09:26:31
He only entitle for Annual leave and hospitalization leave x60 (include MC).

Since it is a year mean he entitled 14 days (no calculation needed)

The AL is a paid leave so the company need to pay the staff salary.

The 60 days hospitalization leave also is a paid leave.

Other benefit need to refer back to your company employee handbook such as medical claim and etc.
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