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27/04/2011 18:58:44
Re: Annual Leave being reduce

My mother is 60 years old, she work at her company more then 7 years.

Suspose her annual leave is 16 day & MC 22 day a year, suddenly this years her company want her sign a letter that worker who 55 years above just can get 12 day annual leave & 16 day MC..

Can the company do this???
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KL Siew
28/04/2011 16:34:12
1. If your mother is covered by the Employment Act, her entitlement cannot be reduced. The letter, even she signed it, would be invalid and the law will prevail. What your mother can do, before signing, consult the Labour Department and let her employer know the views of the Labour Department.

2. If your mother is not covered by the EA (meaning her salary is over RM1500 and not a manual worker), then it will be difficult. Her employer may be unfair to treat a old worker in this case.
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28/04/2011 17:03:23
Thanks... My mother salary is not more then RM1500..
I her company still wan cut her annual leave n mc, i'll go to labour department
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KL Siew
28/04/2011 17:22:37
However, talk to your mother and get her consent first. She may still want the job despite the reduced benefits and she may not want to let her employer make things difficult for her.
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28/04/2011 17:38:09
I know.. I'll ask my mother talk to employer 1st..
My mom still got sign anothet letter

Worker that salary more then RM1500 will not get OT.
But my mom salary just RM11++
The reason of employer is my mom is supervisor,
But the letter that my mom sign didnt mention this.
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28/04/2011 17:43:29
May i know your mother work as what?

Just ignore if you are sensitive to my question ^.^
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28/04/2011 17:45:47
At supermarket handle chinese medical department
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28/04/2011 17:51:34
Okok, just some extra info:-

There is a lot better work for your mother and salary is higher than that (work load lesser). And i also feel your mother current company is not very good. Work for 7 year salary still below 1.5k as supervisor (mean each year increment only RM 50 or even don't have).

All is my personal opinion. Don't mind it

But please take note on your mother EFP and SOCSO, since your mother already over 55 year old. The contribute rate already change. If the company no change for your mother then it is depend on your mother want to change it or not.
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