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27/04/2011 14:15:34
Re: work on PH

Dear Mr. Siew

Labour Day is fall on sunday, next day (MON) will be replacement for PH.

If the workers required to work on Sun - is it Double pay, Ot x 2 and
if work on Mon will be x3 , ot x 3.?
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27/04/2011 14:48:30
It seem like your replacement on the PH is wrong.

Situation 1:
Employee who off days is Sunday, they will replace the PH in Monday.
If you require them to work on Sunday it is consider working on the off days. If you require them to work on Monday only consider working on the PH.
For this situation, the off days can't be replace.

Situation 2:
Employee who off days not Sunday, they will PH on the Sunday. If you require them to work on Sunday it will working on PH.
For this situation, they got their off day.

Working on PH
a) Piece rate worker
Ordinary rate x3

b) Monthly rate worker
Normal working hour: Basic/26 x2
OT: ((Basic/26) / 8)) x OT hour = answer x3

Working on off day
a) Piece rate worker
Ordinary rate x2

b) Monthly rate worker
Normal working hour: Basic/26
OT: ((Basic/26) / 8) x2 <-- per hour rate

Extra info: Instead of having a hard time calculate x2 or x3. You can give the employee to choose another day as paid off day. So they work on the PH as normal day. The difference is they entitle to choose 1 days off days as they like.
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02/05/2011 11:54:54

i have a bit of confusing on the OT pay from ours company.

Ours Company is work for 5 days & sat & Sunday is offday for ours normal work day staff. But unfortunately this Labour day was fall on Sunday & replacement on Monday, ours boss need us to come back to close the Fiscal year end account on this 2 days. but OT pay just as RM 15 per/hours rate as normal OT. is it correct? or else we should get x2 or x3 for this situation? ours salary is not more that 2.5k.

Cause i hear that x2 & x3 OT rate is just apply for the staff which pay less that 1.5k only right?

Thank you.
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02/05/2011 12:39:57
If your salary is more than RM 1.5k but is manual workers such as labourers, machine operators and all those doing manual work, then you still covered by EA irrespective of the amount wages.

If you are not cover by EA then you need to refer back to your offer letter. The offer letter will stated the OT rate, if don't have then you need to go to your HR department.

For OT that EA cover, example calculate:-

Salary 1000 (monthly)
Normal working hour:
1000/26 = RM38.46 x 2 = RM 76.92 (excluded from basic)
1000/26 = RM38.46/8 = RM4.81 per hour x 3 = RM14.42 per hour
So, if you work OT 2 hour, RM 14.42 x 2 = RM 28.85 (excluded from basic)
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01/06/2011 20:38:56

I need to work on PH and replacement on the next day. The company force me to work on the replacement as well. Can i choose not to work on the replacement day although the company pay double?
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