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23/04/2011 11:58:45
Re: resignation date being challenged

Dear Sir,
I have tendered my resignation letter to HR on 4th MAC 2011 and i accordingly resigned on 4th April 2011 with 1 month notice according to my contract of employment. My boss now make claim at Labour Department, claiming for compensation for short notice of resignation, stating that he only accept my resignation 18th MAC 2011. i would like to know whether my resignation needs accpetance from boss?
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23/04/2011 12:40:42
In your resignation letter should be written a date. Also resignation letter is start effect when u tender it to your HR department (if no HR department then is your boss).

In EA state "the notice only effective from the date of submission of such resignation" section 12(4).

If your office got CCTV, try to retrace back the moment you tender the resignation. If don't have CCTV, try to find witnesses.

If both also don't have, then can't do anything (you and your boss) because your boss also no proof that you show you tender your resignation on 18th mac.

Personal opinion: If i were you, i will continues work until 18th April then all thing will settle, Your boss much pay your salary up till 18th April. If got AL then take all.

Go some clinic buy some MC and give to your boss. Holiday + paid + claim (if you want do it in the bad way) <-- not encourage unless your boss really bad =.="
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