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Teresa J
22/04/2011 14:23:00
Re: Pregnant staff

I wrote to you before.

Anyway, before I started working for my current employee, I was needed to fill in some questionnaires.

One of the questions was "are you able to perform the essential functions of the job for which you are applying either with/without reasonable accommodation?" I answered "no" .

1. Can this question be the reason of my termination since I am pregnant and have taken 10 days MC so far? (I have been with this retail company for no more than 3 months, I am in my mid trimester of my pregnancy).

2. My MC allowance is 12 days, leave is also 12 days. In case I have already exhausted my MC can I use my leave allowance for MC? (my morning sickness could be very bad sometimes). Or should it be unpaid leave?

3. In case I need to use my leave after exhausting my MC allowance, should I call in to apply for the leave first or can i apply later after I get my MC?

4. If I decided to leave in a months time, can my employer cut my salary as my MC will be pro rated? Or if the company terminates my service, can my employer cut my salary as my MC will be pro rated?

Thanks in advance.

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Teresa j
22/04/2011 14:52:17
To correct the above Para 3:

One of the questions was.... .... I answered "no". It should be "yes" (meaning I am able to perform my job scope).

Sorry for the mistake.

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23/04/2011 09:47:12
A1) For my personal opinion, the employer just find an excuse to terminate you since you are pregnant. The question won't lead to termination.
Under the EA, employer can't terminate an employee if she is pregnant.

A2) After you finish your sick leave, in normal situation, they will deduct your annual leave. But there is also some company because want to reduce costing especially those company that apply "attendance allowance", they will count your leave after all your sick leave used as unpaid leave so they got reason to minus your attendance allowance.

A3) No matter is sick leave, annual leave or emergency leave, try to inform your superior as soon as possible. Give a call won't take you much time anyway.

A4) If you provide MC when you are absent for work, the company need to pay you. Sick leave with MC is count as paid leave. And also try to read your confirmation letter, see got medical benefit or not. If got, you can go claim you MC money (clinic expenses). Take note on the resignation notice period also, not all company is doing "1 month resignation notice" policy.

Reminder: Anything you can talk peacefully to you employer or you HR department. No need to upset or frustrated on it. If you do all thing in a proper way, nothing to be scare. Bad mood will influence the baby ^.^
Be happy and smile always.
Happy pregnancy~

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Teresa J
23/04/2011 11:33:30
Thanks a lot :)
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