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22/04/2011 10:57:18
Re: Calculation of the salary

1.If last day for the staff is 20.05.2011 and his salary is RM 5,000.00 per month. How much should paid to the staff? We only working 5 days per week . The salary should divide by 26days or 31days?

2. On 18.04.2011, the new joined staff give me a 2 weeks resignation notice and his last day is 01.05.2011.1st May is PUBLIC HOLIDAY and 2nd May also is PUBLIC HOLIDAY.Should i paid the salary for the 2nd May or only paid the full April salary to the staff?

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22/04/2011 17:56:43
1. (5000/31) x 20

2. Pay up to 1/5.
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26/04/2011 10:59:03
1. If the staff not yet confirm, did he entitled have the Public Holiday ?
2. My company are using the pro-rate 26 days for the calculation of monthly salary.So the calculation for the resign staff should be ' BASIC/26 X 20th ( last day) '?
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26/04/2011 16:32:44
1) The probation period is a trial working period only. They still entitle the normal benefit as other worker. So the staff is still entitled the 11 days PH.

2) Since your company is generous enough to divide 26 then your formula is correct (Basic/26 x 20)
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