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Johnny Tan
21/04/2011 13:56:07
Re: Annual Leave being Forfeited


I have been working for 6 yr in a company, after 6 year suddenly one
day a new manager came out a memo and told us to clear our leave
and we entitle to clear for current and previous year only.

Our Company do not have HR or Personnel department, Futhermore
we also do not received any statement balance of our leave each year
or memo to request us to clear leave. Sometime the company also
do not allow us to take leave when we summit leave form.

Can The Employer Forfeited our leave just like that !

What can we DO ?

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KL Siew
21/04/2011 19:18:10
Find out what is your leave balance and start planning your leave for the year. Discuss with your new manager how best to go about it. Sometimes, it is not so good to let staff accumulating to much leave.
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Johnny Tan
22/04/2011 10:25:48


Thank You for the Advice.

Q1 ) If the company have forfeited our leave without giving chance or discuss with us .. what can we do ! .. Do us have right to fight back the leave we earned for it. ..?

Thanks KL Siew
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22/04/2011 17:53:23
Since they have up such a rule, they have to let you have the chance to clear your leave. That's why, plan your leave ahead. In fact some companies schedule staff's leave taking.
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