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21/04/2011 11:52:38
Re: Replacement Public Holidays

Q1) Labour day of this year is located at SUNDAY. So will be replacement day on following day (MONDAY). Is it company have the right don't replace Monday for employee?

Q2)National Day of this year is coincide with 2nd day of Hari Raya, the following day 1st of Sep will be a substitution for holiday or not?

If my company does not replace with 1st Sept, is it against the law?
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21/04/2011 18:48:25
A1) The Monday will be the replacement off day. If your company request you to work, it will be a double paid. But some company (stingy company), they will give you another replacement day or add 1 AL to you instead of giving double paid.

A2) It is same with your Q1, the following day will be replace. But if your company declare that the Hari Raya not their company gazetted public holiday, then it is different story.

The 5 compulsory gazetted public holiday for 2011 is:-
National Day
King B'day
B'day of Sultan or Head of State or Federal Territory day
Workers' Days
Malaysia Day

And the remaining 6 is decided by your company. Note that some company may give more than 11 public holiday.

Try to check with your HR department whether Hari Raya is gazetted holiday or not.
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22/04/2011 08:48:50
Thank you very much for your information.

Malaysia Day also include to compulsary gazette holiday?
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23/04/2011 09:14:48
It had been announce as compulsory gazetted public holiday in year 2010. But some company not yet renew their policies, so may have some company still remain 10 days as public holiday (Also got some company take advantage by ignoring it).
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26/04/2011 15:14:29
I am working in F&B outlet. Sunday =Labour Day= working day. Our co practice is to substitute with replacement day. i will get replacement for working on
Sunday . Am i enttitle to off day ??
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26/04/2011 16:48:11
As i know for F&B is working 6 days per week and the off days is decided by the company. So i don't know your off days is when.

To make thing simple, If the company say the PH will be replace to another day is like your AL increase 1 day. You still entitled your normal off day.
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04/07/2011 16:00:17
Is Penang Heritage day considered a compulsory holiday?
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