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19/04/2011 17:49:55
Re: Need help

Hi, I got some problem here and need some advise.

In 1st of April, I had been promote to "HR Manager" (Since the department only i alone to handle). I don't have strong knowledge and working experience in HR department. Before i got promote, i work as admin only. Due to company want to save money, they don't want hired outsider and promote me instead (Salary only 1.4k).

In 8th of April, my Boss call me to change the policies and try to reduce the staff benefit since the company not running well. So without any thinking, i tell my boss reduce all staff A/L to 8 days (i read at labour laws book but don't know it only work for people work below 2 year). And few mistake i made (minor mistake).

In 13th of April, I giving out notice to all employee about the changes. One of the employee not happy with it and his dad (lawyer) giving our company a letter that state his son are going to sue our company for not follow the labour laws. In the letter state our company need pay a certain amount of money as penalty (something like that).

My Boss want me to take full responsibility on this matter (self resign and pay the penalty money). Resign is not the matter because really is my fault. The problem is, the penalty money.

I try to call labour department but they say since the company is not follow the labour laws, we need to pay the penalty. They also added, since the person want to sue our company, we need to refer to company panel lawyer or legal firm instead of labour department. But i don't know who is my company panel lawyer. When i ask my Boss, he say our company don't have such thing. If want, go find your self and company wont pay for the fee since it is personal matter.

1) In this case i need to bear full responsibility and also pay the penalty?
2) If i no pay the penalty what is the effect?
3) I think my company got do something wrong to me but i don't know what they do wrong, can you stated what action can i do?
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KL Siew
19/04/2011 18:58:20
I don't know what penalty is all about. Don't worry so much. Let them sue the company if they want. Don't resign and see what they can do about it. Meanwhile, you can issue another circular to withdraw the previous one in view of certain mistake and restore the previous benefits.
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20/04/2011 09:15:55
The problem is my Boss want me to resign on my own instead of he personally fired me due to my mistake and make the company suffer lost.

I already 1 week been suspend for work for investigate so i cant withdraw the previous benefit and restore it.

It feel like unsecured to work at HR =.=" Just a little mistake and it will go to court.

Protect the employer, employee sue me
Protect the employee, my KPI drop and make Boss unhappy
Conclusion : Which option also is suicide
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KL Siew
20/04/2011 09:48:02
Don't worry so much, they cannot sue you and you are not going to court. Believe me. Must learn to fight. If you are still worried, you can also consult a lawyer and go to the Labour Office personally and talk to some senior officers there.
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20/04/2011 10:46:45
Ok.. Thank for your advice.
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