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Kevin Fong
18/04/2011 09:11:48
Re: Hold salary and commission after resign

I am a sales executive in a medical supplies company. I have just tendered my resignation letter on the 1st of April and it will be a one month notice. And what i heard from my account department if i don't collect all pending payment from my customers before i leave the company they will hold my commission and even salary. Just wonder do they really have the right to do so ? Thank you !
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KL Siew
18/04/2011 14:01:10
If you are not there to do the collection, commission may not be due. Some companies only pay commission on successful collection. Try to complete the collection while you are still there. But I don't know whether they can do that as far as salary is concerned. Anyway, Labour Department can be the place for you to complain if necessary.
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