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14/04/2011 14:57:17
Re: Part Time Regulations 2010


Would like to clarify few questions as below:

1. Part Timer who work completed 12 mths service only entitled for 7 days Public hoildays, AL & sick leave? OR service less than 12 mths entitled for 7 days PH but not AL & sick leave?

2. If service less than 12 mths also entitled for 7 days PH, employer has to pay 3 times of hourly rate for part timers if working on PH?

3. Then If part timer not working on PH but entitled to, employer also has to pay him/her 1 day's wage?

Thanks in advance.
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KL Siew
14/04/2011 15:21:21
I am not aware of the Part time Regulations 2010. Since it may be something new, you better consult the local Labour Office.
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