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Teresa J.
14/04/2011 11:25:39
Re: Pregnant staff

I am currently working in a small retail outlet for less than 3 months.

I am in my mid trimester of my pregnancy thus I experience morning sickness most of the time.

1. Can my current employer terminate my employment based on unsatisfactory attendance? I know I have been with the outlet for less than 3 months, but my morning sickness was so bad sometimes that I needed the rest at home. So far, I only have 9 days MC and have requested for only 2 days leave.

2. Should I inform my employer earlier if I needed the MC; eg; cannot come to work on Monday and do I have to inform my employer on that day (after or before getting my MC)?

3. In case my employer cannot terminate me based on unsatisfactory attendance (which I provided with MC), am I entitled to 2 months pay day leave when I give birth later?

Please advice.
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KL Siew
14/04/2011 15:19:48
1. As long as you have MC, it may be unreasonable for the employer to terminate your service.
2. Inform as soon as possible.
3. It is too early to tell.
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Teresa J.
14/04/2011 15:30:54
Thank you so much...
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