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Vincent WSK
13/04/2011 13:36:17
Re: Hospitalization Claim

Re: HOSPITALIZATION Claim - Can anyone in this forum please advice

Hi KL Siew n All,

Hope anyone here can assist.

I, who met in an accident with a severe fracture leg. I am temporary disabled for 8 months already. The accidents were related at work and was during office hour.

My question is, is it right for the company asking me to pay for the medical bil of the full amount during hospitalization. As far as I know itís not fair!

Since the accident is 'work related' , by right the company should bare for all the cost and now my future is blink! (The Company does not provide any form of insurance).

The company degraded my position from Supervisor to General Worker if I continue to work and my salary have to be cut in half, since I cannot do heavy work.

Is there any alternative to or does anyone have any experience with this type of case?

Any help would be much appreciated. Please advice.

Thank you.
Vincent WSK
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KL Siew
13/04/2011 17:38:43
This is a SOCSO case. Go and consult SOCSO about it.
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