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11/04/2011 17:16:33


1 female operator has been threaten by 1 male operator because reported to L. Leader that he was asleep during working time at
the line. He threathen that he will do something to this girl till she can cry to her mom.

On the next day, he said dirty words "to perform sex will not take long time". Female operator cried and was scared. While on the way to toilet, the female operator has been approached again and was asked to open mouth so that he can ..... Then then male operator hit (slap) her hand.

One the 3rd day, the male operator went out from the factory without gate pass.

This is my first time handling sexual harrassment in this company. What should I do with this guy. The management requested to issue 3 warning letters at same time.
1) Threaten
2) Sexual Harrassment
3) Go out without gate pass

Can I issue 3 letter at one time and terminate him at once. I feel that we have do DI first before terminate him right.

Please advise.

Thanking you in advance.

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KL Siew
12/04/2011 09:41:08
Yes, You better consider holding a domestic inquiry and make the necessary decision.
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