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Raymond Yew
11/04/2011 15:11:23
Re: Issue on my commission release

Dear all,

I'm a sales person and had an issue on my commission release with my Ex-company. I had resigned from the company since middle of Feb 2011. The Ex-company head of finance had promised to calculate and release my commission by end of Feb 2011. The issue has been dragging until now with all the reason given by the head of finance said that they have to wait for the remaining collection to be clear and all the procedure that have to undergo. From time to time i had communication with the head of finance but most of the time ended up with no conclusion. My conclusion is, they purposely dragging my commission. From the history of the company, most of the sales person that leave also having the same issue before. The company is a listed company and the way they are doing thing doesn't shows any professionalism as far as i noted.

I sincerely hope to have some comment on how i can move forward.

Thanks with regards.


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KL Siew
12/04/2011 09:38:32
There are cases where commission is only payable on successful collection. Since an resigned employee is not there to do the collection, they may not want to pay. I don't know about your case. If the amount is large, you may consider consulting a lawyer whether to sue for it or not.
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