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09/04/2011 10:30:23
Re: EPF rate for staff age 55

Can i know when to change the staff contribute rate to 5.5% employee and 6% for employer for staff age 55

For example: The staff birthday is 6th of May, so the rate change is based on the year or the month(if month mean that month start or up coming month)?

A) Start from Jan
B) Start from May
C) Start from June

Which 1?

And it is compulsory to change the rate? Can the rate remain at 11% employee and 12% employer?
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09/04/2011 10:36:14
And also, if an employee age 55 already withdrawn all his EPF (EPF account closed). But now he is working again at the age of 60. Is he compulsory to contribute EPF again?
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KL Siew
09/04/2011 22:01:02
For EPF matters you will have to consult EPF.
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