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08/04/2011 22:34:44
Re: Termination during extended probations.

One staff we employed as executive and 6 months probation. during the probation period the staff did not perform well in duty , late coming to work and did not inform to his superior when he was on MC. The Hr manager and his superior already provided the necessary motivation, advise and company rules and regulations. For late coming to work , the hr already issued reminder letter for 1st ,2nd , 3rd and stern reminder to the staff. But the staff still did not show any improvement from his side. After end of probation the superior done performance appraisal and the company extended the probation. Now, the same staff asked to another staff to help him to punch card (punch In) at morning. The security, reported to hr department by officially. The Hr manager already issued the show course letter to the staff.


1) After received the explanations letter from staff, can hr suspend him and conduct the DI?
2) After DI, can employer terminate his contract of employment?
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KL Siew
09/04/2011 10:02:16
Yes, you do that all that.
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