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07/04/2011 23:40:52
Re: House Hold Works at Office

I am working in a company as a receptionist cum admin assistant for almost 6 months. (present) office is located at the 1st floor...there were some construction work going on in the second floor..juz because of that my office that i work was very dusty and dirty. And the director(a lady) asked me to mop the whole office. i had no choice but had to do because i was afraid that will loose my job as i am from a middle class family. this is not the 1st time i did...and some more every morning they make me to clean the pantry and my directors room (ash tray). i am looking for a job now but still have not get 1. i feel very disappointed. please help me. is der any solution? can i sue them??
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KL Siew
08/04/2011 09:54:43
I think any one should take the initiative to do it without being told to do so. You yourself don't want to work in a dusty and dirty environment, do you? You are in fact lucky for not having to bring her children to school or do marketing for her. Ya, look for another job if you don't like it, nothing worth suing actually.
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04/05/2011 12:42:08
My office has problem employing cleaners (reason unknown). No one wants to take the reponsibility of cleaning, but I always make sure my working place is clean. However, in my opinion, asking you to mop or clean the pantry is just too much from a 'director'. Do they not think of getting a cleaner?
I cleaned for my directors (ash tray, tables, chairs and pantry area, vacuum the carpet, serving coffees anf cleaning up their cups from time to time) when I worked for them as a secretary. I enjoyed it, and sometimes I bought cookies to serve too (of course with the directors' expenses).
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