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04/04/2011 16:10:00
Re: Annual Leave and Resignation

Hi KL, I have 6 days of annual leave carried forward from last year. As for this year, I am entitled to have 18 days annual leave. If I would like to resign in april, my annual leave for this year should be pro-rated to 4/12 x 18 = 6 days, am I correct? If this is correct, my total annual leave will be 6 days + 6 days = 12 days, am I right?

If I would like to resign with effective from 7th April and give one month notice to the company, when will be my last working day, if I would like to utilize the 12 days of annual leave to reduce the one month notice period?
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KL Siew
04/04/2011 19:58:32
Whatever it is, sort the matter out properly like leave balance, last working day etc with your HR when you put in your resignation letter.
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13/04/2011 10:58:31
Hi KL Siew, I've given one month notice to my company from 12th April to 11th May 2011. My last working day will be on the 22nd April after offsetting my annual leave. Can I start to work with the new company legally on the 25th April, even though I will be paid by my previous company until 11th May? Appreciate for your professional advice.
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