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28/03/2011 17:38:43
Re: Leave to perform Haj

I have a problem where my company do not want to approved my leave to perform my Haj this year. I submit the application form early so that they can be notified and I could reschedule / retrain to my juniors to complete my job in my absence. I also applied unpaid leave so that they can employ temporary staff and do not have to pay my salary for that period. Can the company NOT approved my leave? I have been working with this company for 10 years as Senior Manager. Should I go to IR office and complaint or bring this issue as National Issue? I'm working in a Chinese company ... but this is an islamic country... even then.. we are ONE Malaysia !!
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KL Siew
28/03/2011 21:25:37
Yes, you can go to the IR Department and get some advice on the matter.
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