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24/03/2011 15:29:43
Re: Freelancers

I did a freelancing (telemarking & event registration) job for a period of 5days. I was told to report to work from 10am-5.30pm (I worked longer than said) with the pay of RM150 per day.

When I drafted a timesheet, the Boss told me there's no need for it as I only need to send him an invoice after the event and I'll get my pay. My mistake for believing him.

Now he's asking for timesheets and reports, which of course I do not have. He refused to pay until I produce at least the report for him.

I gave him the report. And now he decides to deduct RM250 off my pay because according to him...

"your performance and your working ethics . we pro-rated your fee based on your daily time in and out and also number of calls made .
Your report was not accurate based on my findings"

The number of calls being the telemarketing I did, of which I wasn't given any target to achieve or min calls to be made. I called whatever they gave me.

Basically, to cut the story short, he's deducting my pay unreasonably. Is there anything that I can do?
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KL Siew
24/03/2011 17:01:46
What you can do is to approach the Labour Department for help.
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