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03/03/2010 18:19:21
Re: Resignation during probation period

Dear Sir

I would like to enquire if Terms & Conditions of a contract for termination applies during the probationary period with regards to the Terms under Employment.

There is no statement with regards to probation termination, however under Terms and Conditions if one is a Manager, one is subjected to
"giving the other party 3 months notice or pay the equivalent of 3 months salary in lieu of notice'.

Would one who is under probation be subjected to the above clause or is one able to give "one day's notice" to resign? Appreciate your input.

Thanks & regards
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KL Siew
03/03/2010 20:50:46
He would have to give 3 months notice or 3 months salary in lieu. Cannot give one day notice unless one day's notice it was specifically stated in the contract of service for resignation during probation.
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18/03/2010 00:06:46
Dear Sir,

I have joined this company since year 2007 and received twice increments. In my appointment letter, the resignation notice is 24 hours and the probation period is 3 months. Somewhere in 2008 all staffs were forced to signed memo stated all confirmed staff need to give 3 months notice. Until now I have not receive my confirmation letter. In the appointment letter, there are no clause saying if my salary increases, I am deemed to be confirmed. Am I still a probationer? If I want to resign, how many month notice should I give?
Really need your advice.
Thank you.
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