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22/03/2011 15:31:14
Re: Demotion/Change of Designation

Hi Siew,

I have been working for this company ABC for 19 months now. Through out my career in company ABC I have been performing very well and have been rewarded as Senior Administrator in April 2010 with a formal letter sign by the HR manager and Senior Manager Operations of the change of Designation. At that time, I was in Team A. In May 2010, there was a cross training program between Team A and Team B. The same senior manager have suggested me to take that opportunity to Team B to learn something new and verbally advise me that I will be keeping my senior title on Team B. I have been working in Team B for 11 months will not issue until 2 weeks ago. My supervisor has informed me that I'm no longer a senior administrator because the management are reviewing the senior titles and that i was
being transferred from another department, therefore I will have to start back my role as an administrator.
Bare in mind, this was not communicated to me for the last 9-10 months and no feedback or issue has been given in regards to my performance what so ever. In fact my last year appraisal on Team B (my current team) has been really good.
Please can you advise if they have the rights to treat people that way without communicating to the employees or pre warn that this was going to happened . It is out of the blue, i was told i am not longer a senior administrator with no good reason and I am in a situation where my supervisor is being rude where he have raised his voice on few occasion forcing me to sign the administrator mandate that was back dated on January 2011 but i was told of this 2 weeks ago. Please can you advise if i can take this to the next level? I feel it is the managements error for not communication this properly. Really appreaciate your help. Many thanks

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KL Siew
22/03/2011 17:14:58
I am really not in the position to give advice except to tell you to keep up with the good work as usually. In working life, there are always ups and downs; problems come and problems go. However, you can always discuss your problems with the HR manager and get some counselling/advice from him.
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