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Staff Ng
19/03/2011 18:18:47
Re: Resignation and 3month notice

Hi there, need help and advice on this.
I have to give 3 month notice for mt resignation. Mean if i resign on march then my service to end May 2011. Upon tender resignation letter to the boss, he say i can leave by end of this month. so my service to the company is until end of March. How is the pay of salary? 1month of salary pay for March or 3month?

Below are the the notice statement in my appointment letter:-
" Should you intent to resign from the company, you are required to give minimum three (3) month basic pay in lieu of such notice. The Company shall give similiar notice if it wishes to terminate your service"
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KL Siew
19/03/2011 20:15:46
Ask for a letter from him of what he said. He should pay you up to end of May.
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