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18/03/2011 20:56:22
Re: Domestic Inquiry

The situation:
My staff had absent from work since 1/3/11 to 18/3/11 without informing his HOD. He claims that he had been suspended from work (miscommunication) because of he's the main suspect for the case of missing guest valuable thing worth RM15k under his supervision on 1/3/11.

He and another 2 staffs being called up by the HOD to do the investigation about the missing thing. During the Q & A session, the HOD did mentioned that 3 of them might be suspended from work 1 week and have sit in for a DI session (verbally). Suddenly this guy, stood up and handover his key to the HOD and walk off without saying anything nor to anyone. The HOD didn't inform us about his staff's absenteeism.

On 17/1/11 morning he called our HR Manager and asked when his DI session will be held but my manager said there's no suspension letter given to you nor the DI notice but why you absent from your duty for more than 2 weeks. He claimed that he being told by the HOD that he had been suspended (on 1/3/11) but he didn't sign any letter, which is a different story from what the HOD told us.

My questions:
1.Can we issue him a show cause & suspension letter or just a show cause letter dated 18/1/11? (which is supposedly we need to issue him on 1/3/11)
2.If he being given a show cause letter & 3 days to explain why the company should not terminate him (by 21/3/11),after get the reply from him what shall we do? is he eligable to sit in for a DI?
3.Can we terminate him as he have breached the contract?

Can you please help me on this matter, thank you.
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KL Siew
18/03/2011 21:38:32
Ya, you seem to be quite confused. But don't worry, you have a HR manager. Consult him or her and you should be able to get the proper guidance how to go about it.
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18/03/2011 21:50:50
KL Siew, thank your for your reply.

The problem is, my HR Manager asked me to prepare a show cause & suspension letter dated today for him and then followed by a DI which is i think is not a appropriate as the case happened on 1/3/11.
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KL Siew
19/03/2011 08:59:41
Draft the letter first, show it to your HR manager for approval or correction before it is sent out.
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